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Grimoire of Horror - Psychological Horror Among Siblings

Asian Movie Pulse - Two Sisters

Decon Recon - Two Sisters peels back the curtain on siblinghood horror

Thoughts on Films - A Tale of... - Two Sisters

Horror | Thriller

Company: Kuman Pictures

Directed by James Lee

Language: Chinese

Duration: 97 min

Camera: Panasonic EVA-1



Following a girl’s release from an asylum, she is reunited with her sister and together they return to their abandoned family home. However, the two sisters harbor a dark and tragic family secret, which begins to unfold after their return.


Director's Statement

Inspired by low-budget one location movies, Two Sisters is an attempt to make one with minimal characters and locations. The story focuses on the relationship of the two estranged sisters, some of the darker secrets beyond the script were discovered during improvisation with the actors during the rehearsals process.


Emily Lim

Lim Mei Fen

Mike Chuah

Kym Tan

Paige Chan


Executive Producer

Amir Muhammad



Kenny Gan

Elise Shick


Director of Photography

Tan Teck Zee


Music Composer

Nick Davis


Production Designer

Fish Lim & Brandden Low


Make Up

Kit Hew



Joey Chua

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