Company: Tayangan Unggul

Romantic Comedy
Language: Malay
Directed by: James Lee
Shooting format: 35mm
Duration: 95 mins

Bob and his best friend forever Pian moved into an old rundown apartment after Bob being dumped by his snobbish girlfriend Ina. Bob and Pian befriends their mysterious neighbors two beautiful sisters Maya & Liyana.


Unknown to Bob that the pair are actually vampires on the run and searching for a spell to break the curse. As Bob and Maya’s relationships blooms Maya’s elder sister a vicious vampire decides to pay them a visit



Sazzy Falak, Zahiril Adzim, Liyana Jasmay, Sufian Mihammed and Nurul Wahab

Script by

James Lee

Executive Producer

Gayatri Pillai


Mohd Helmi Yusof

Art Director

Nazrul Asraff

Music by

Zaidi - Germerzik Music & Soundworks

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