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(A Nutshell) Review

Action | Comedy

Company: Tayangan Unggul
Language: Chinese
Directed by: James Lee
Shooting format: Redcam
Duration: 95 mins

Sunny is a kind-heart debt collector assisted by Mohan, they have a very good record rate in their collections, no one dares not to pay up. One night Sunny decided to have his palm read by a side-walk fortune teller. The fortune teller told Sunny that he will face grave misfortune unless he quit his job or by doing a good deed. During one of his collection trip, Sunny bumps into Ah Yuen a 12 year old boy whose father owes Sunny money. Sunny has no choice but to take care of Ah Yuen till the father shows up, but at the same time various gangs are closing in to grab Ah Yuen to force the father to come out of hiding.



Sunny Pang, Yeo Yann Yann, Mohan Ramana, Michael Chin, Elvis Chin and Nigel

Stunt Director

Kenny Wong

Script by

James Lee

Executive Producer

Gayatri Pillai

Director of Photography

Yong Choon Lin

Music by

Alex San



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