Family | Drama | Mystery

Language: Mandarin | Cantonese

Directed by: James Lee

Duration: 113 min

Camera: Panasonic DVX100



Teoh’s second hand washing machine has a life of her own: she washes when she wants to and stops when she feels like it. When Teoh discovers the secret soul of this temperamental slave, he exploits her for all his other household chores. And then he pimps her out to strangers.


When middle-aged widower Mr. Wong takes her in, his prodigal son immediately tries to seduce her, while his petulant daughter becomes more and more suspicious. In this off-kilter dark comedy, the effects of alienation and desperation in the increasingly commodified city of Kuala Lumpur will spiral before you like a dry spin in slow motion.


Loh Bok Lau

Partick Teoh

Amy Len

Berg Lee

Yap Kok Choong

Chin Lee Ling

Director of Photography

Teoh Gay Hian

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