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Sini Ada Hantu Poster Final - sample.jpg

Company: Astro Shaw / Double Vision

Horror Comedy
Language: Malay / Chinese
Directed by: James Lee
Shooting format: HD
Duration: 95 mins

The movie starts with Rama, a supervisor of a delivery & transport company looking for drivers for a last minute delivery out of town at night. Rama manages to get Ah Meng and Bakri to do the task which is to deliver an item; a large Chinese-style wooden coffin, on time by the next morning.


The two men take up the job and travel at night in the van through the quiet expressway.  In the trip both men begin to share their ghostly tales they’ve heard from friends of friends…



Alvin Wong, Baki Zainal, Rama, Fasha Sandha, Sufian Mohammed, Pete Teo, Eira Syazira & Kiswadinata

Script by

James Lee

Executive Producer

Khairul Anuar Latip

Director of Photography

Lai Chee Keong


Kam Chee Lap

Music by

Shamsul Cariel

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