Horror | Thriller
Company: Doghouse 73 Pictures

Directed by James Lee

Language: Malay

Duration: 90 min

Camera: Arri Alexa Mini



Zhang a middle aged man struggling with a dead end job as an insurance sales person, on the verge of divorce with his wife, losing custody of her daughter and on top of all this he had to take care of his father who’s suffering Alzheimer’s. Unknowingly Zhang was invited to join an underground fighting game for financial purposes but eventually Zhang becomes hooked on the fights and turns professional.


Director's Statement

As an action packed thriller, the movie is eventually about characters in pressure and stress from very realistic problems faced daily in the real world relating to family, health and finance. It's an opposite to hero's journey, where in this case the character's journey spiraling down deeper into the black hole, his/her control no matter how much violence they exert with no light at the end of the tunnel.


Sunny Pang

Alan Yun

Koe Yeet

Pearlly Chua

Mike Chuah


Director of Photography

Haris Hue


Music Composer

Nick Davis

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