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The Kwang Tung Dance Company

Dance Drama

Language: Chinese

Directed by: James Lee

Choreographer: Amy Len and dancers

Lighting Designer: Tan Eng Heng

Duration: 120 mins

2 - 4 July 2010, KL PAC ( Pentas 2 )

The keyboards and phone lines are extensions of our lusts. Pens and papers give birth to secrets. In this office space, everything becomes so extraordinarily empty even words fail. And without words and symbols, our imagination dies. In the mean time, a new game is being played, a game of metaphors. Perhaps no one can escape this path except through the magic of one’s imaginations.


Director's Notes

I have always had an interest to direct a dance drama for theater. To express without words or even conventional acting skills just using the movement and body of dancers. I have work with Amy Len since “Chicken Parts”, an experimental performances platform where various artists and performers from different disciplines collaborate.


Later I would direct her in some of my movies. And in 2009 we discuss the possibility of me directing her dancers for a performance. And hence begins the project “On Anxiety”. How to direct dancers? One don’t direct them as actors, and like actors they have a lot of experiences and large vocabulary of techniques to express certain emotions, ideas or concepts. I just need to tap into their resources and utilize it to create a character first.


With the dancers improvisation and finally creating their characters, then we form scenes and later we try to connect each scenes and form a story. And all the improvisations and works are done within an idea of an office space based on their own experiences working in one. As the story forms, relationships between the characters develop and anxiety begins.


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