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Lost in 2 Minutes.jpg

Five Arts Centre

Dance Drama

Directed by: James Lee

Choreographer: Tan Bee Hung

Duration: 2 min

Camera: Canon EOS M

12 - 13 April 2014

Damansara Performing Arts Centre


Lost in 2 Minutes is a on-site dance piece conceptualized by James Lee featuring dancer Tan Bee Hung. The piece is one of the 12 works in 2 Minute Solos produced by Five Arts Centre.


Director's Notes

Creating a live performance within 2 minutes is challenging, and the fact the performer have to repeat the 2 minutes piece 12 times in one show.


For “Lost in 2 Minutes” I know it must be a dance/movement based piece, to use body movements to convey an emotion in two minutes it needs to be visually engaging. Second the piece will need a very upbeat music or song. So we selected the song first then choreographed the dance and emotion based on the song.


And I have chosen G-Dragon’s Crooked just for the sake of trying a K-Pop song with a contemporary dance piece. Next we create and develop a character for the dancer, so she’s not merely a dancer, but a character in a larger story, and the 2 minutes piece is just a glimpse of her life.


Lost was the motive that inspired the piece, some point in our lives we will reach a stage where we’re not sure what we’re doing any more in terms of career, relationships and with ourselves. Because no one likes to get lost, and we pretend not to be lost by filling our time with work, ambitions and dreams.

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