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Comedy | Drama

Directed by James Lee, Gavin Yap & Shamaine Othman

Language: English & Malay

Duration: 76 min

Camera: Sony A7S


A flu like infection has taken over KL which turns into a zombie outbreak as we follow three intersecting stories of the survivors fleeing for safety.​

Overtime by James Lee Three office workers are forced to work over time and had to deal with a zombie boss.

Meet the Changs byy Gavin Yap A lawyer activist meets the family of her boyfriend for a dinner as the outbreak begins just right outside their apartment.

Polyzombies by Shamaine Othman A rich man with four wives will have to decides whether he should kills his latest young wife infected and turning into a zombie.


Sharifah Amani

Azman Hassan

Joseph Germani

Pete Teo

Sue Tan

Benji Lim

Fatimah Abu Bakar

Na'a Murad

Thor Kah Hoong

Alfred Loh

Fahad Iman

Jiven Sekar

Siti Farah Abdullah

Ali Alasri

Amanda Ang

Alia Kearney

Marcus Chan


Director of Photography

Tan Teck Zee

James Lee


Music Composer

Nick Davis


Additional Sound Design & Mix

Imaginex Studios


Editor & Colorist

Setyo Wib (Technica Post)


Visual Effects

Emir Ezwan


Poster Artwor

 Arif Rafhan

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