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Screen Anarchy - VIFF 2012


Hollywood Reporter - James Lee on his Latest Project


Family | Drama

Language: Chinese

Directed by: James Lee

Duration: 83 min

Camera: Canon 5D MK



MEE is living with her widowed mother MRS.TAN since the father passed away few years ago. MENG the youngest and only son in the family lives outside on his own, while the eldest sister MUN already married and had a family of her own. Somehow the father’s passing has leaves a strange aura to the family which has drifts apart emotionally. And MRS.TAN is continuing her affair with her lover, which none of the daughters or son knew about.


Director's Notes

In this work, each family member has his or her own needs. And because of their individual needs and desires reduces them to ordinary human being or even strangers. Their behaviour and actions are no longer bound by the concept of family. The characters blame no one nor blame themselves as fault for the problems. Nor are they actively seeking solutions and answers. Each day they just live through their daily routine, to be able to continue the next day, without realizing their emotional needs. And by making some little changes, maybe the characters will discover what they need at the end of the day

This movie is produced with the support of

Hubert Bals Fund of IFFR

Krishen Jit Astro Fund



Pearlly Chua

Tan Bee Hung

Kenny Gan

Gan Hui Yee

Foo Fei Ling

Mohan Ramana


Script by

James Lee


Director of Photography

Tan Teck Szee

Music Composer

Ng Chor Guan

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