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Kwang Tung Dance Company

Dance Drama

Directed by: James Lee

Dancer: Foong Siew Ching

Duration: 10 min

25 - 27 March 2022

To be human is to be able to communicate, to speak one's thoughts and express one's emotions. And when one loses all these abilities, there's no more meaning to live but just pain.

Director's Note

The piece was inspired by Siew Ching's experience during the pandemic lockdown, where friends and people around passed away in a sudden due to the virus. There was no time to grief, but just a feeling of wishing them farewell. From this idea, we have separated the piece into 3 segments of different emotions that will only lead to pain.

Hurt is part of Merentas Awan - Reconnect - Recreate, a Site-Specific Dance Performance.

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