Company: Tayangan Unggul

Horror Thriller
Language: Malay
Directed by: James Lee
Shooting format: 35mm
Duration: 90 mins

Histeria is a horror film about six female students attending a supposedly haunted school. As part of a prank, they pretend to be hysterical and are so convincing that the school calls in a witch doctor to “cure” them.


However, they soon find themselves faced with some truly mysterious occurrences and a series of grisly deaths that could either be caused by supernatural forces or by one of the girls themselves.


Liyana Jasmay, Scha, Riana, Ainul Aishah, Norisnainy, Talya, Yuhana, Adiputra and Kazar

Script by

Amri Rohayat


Gayatri Pillai

Director of Photography

Mohd Helmi Yusof

Art Director

Nazrul Asraff 


Effendi and Akash Singh

Music by

Mohd. Zaidi

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