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2001 - Dumb Waiter.jpg

The Actors Studio Theatre | Five Arts Centre


Language: English

Directed by: James Lee

Artistic Directors: Krishen Jit and Joe Hasham

Producer: Marion D’ Cruz

Duration: 90 mins

28 - 31 March 2001, The Actors Studio Box


Two hit-men, Ben and Gus are waiting in a basement room for their assignment. Ben is the senior member of the team and is reading a newspaper when the action begins.


Gus is the junior member and is tying his shoes as the play opens. Gus asks many questions of Ben as he gets ready for their job and tries to make tea, including questions about their job (Gus seems to be questioning the concept of being a hit-man). They argue over the semantics of “light the kettle” and “put on the kettle”. Ben continues reading his paper most of the time, and reads excerpts of it to Gus sometimes, it seems, to change the topic of conversation.


Ben gets increasingly more animated in his newspaper story-telling, and Gus’s questions become more and more pointed, and at points nearly nonsensical. As the tension rises the physicality of the two players increases accordingly.


About the Production

The play was conducted under the 3rd Director’s Workshop with the guidance of Krishen Jit and Joe Hasham. The Directors’ Workshop is a training programme for young directors which Five Arts Centre started in 1998. In this programme, young theatre people who are interested in directing, work with Krishen Jit and Joe Hasham to hone their skills in directing.



Pang Khee Teik

Chew Kin Wah

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