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The Actors Studio Theatre

Language: English Directed by: James Lee

Playwright: Robert Yeo Lighting Designer: Tan Eng Heng

Duration: 120 mins

2 - 4 July 2003

Japan Foundation KL

Set in Singapore, we follow the lives of Reg, an opposition party activist and Chye, a parliament member as they battle the rigid bureaucracy. Their conflicts take them in and out of the notorious Changi prison as they struggle to resolve their inner discord.


Should they pursue their ideals and dreams when the reality of the world keeps crashing down on them, or should they just give up? Embroiled in this bitter inner conflict are Chye’s younger sister Hua and her close friend Sarah. As relationships and friendships are thrown into this equation, Reg and Chye have to make yet another important decision ? how much are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams?



Andre D’ Cruz

Vernon Adrian Emuang

Soraya Dean

Low Ngai Yuen

Pang Khee Teik

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