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(A Nutshell) Review

Gangster | Drama

Language: Chinese

Directed by: James Lee

Duration: 105 min

Camera: Panasonic DVX102A 2009


Gentle, easy-going Or Kia moves from the countryside to Kuala Lumpur to work for his cousin and best friend Ah Soon, a mid-level gangster and enforcer.


While Or Kia works hard to put a sister through school, Ah Soon cares for an unstable girlfriend prone to mysterious disappearances.


As they both sink deeper into a nocturnal world of debts, drugs, and betrayal, Or Kia’s loyalties are strained when Ah Soon falls out of favor with the bosses and tries to escape the business.

Festival & Award

Silver Award, Asian Digital Competition,
33th Hong Kong International Film Festival

Special Mention, Southeast Asian Competition,
2009 Bangkok International Film Festival


Pete Teo

Sunny Pang

Chua Thien See

Loh Bok Lai

Mohan Ramana

Chye Chee Keong

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