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Five Arts Centre

Language: Multi-Lingual

The Actors Studio Bangsar from September 6-9 2007

Dance terrorist" Marion D'Cruz returns with her first full length project in eight years - Bunga Manggar Bunga Raya!

Created and played out by an eclectic group of experienced performers and non-performers, this multi-dimensional performance combines theatre, movement, music and text. With this motley crew of performers, which includes actors, dancers, designers, directors, crew, non-performers and writers, the performance will focus on the multicultural design of Malaysia - one of our most potent assets.

Images will emerge and submerge, tableaus, vignettes, stories – that tell of dreams and desires, of failures and triumphs, of the profound and ridiculous – a multi-pronged look at the innate and intrinsic plurality of Malaysia.

Featured in this project include award-winning individuals such as Elaine Pedley, Judimar Hernandez, Gan Chih Pei, Anne James, Vernon Adrian Emuang, Fahmi Fadzil, Leow Puay Tin, Janet Pillai, Mark Teh, James Lee, Bernard Chauly, Liew Kung Yu, Mac Chan, Jacqueline Ann Surin, Hari Azizan, June Tan, Wyn Hee and more.

Teh, Neo Swee Lin, Vernon Adrian Emuang, Wyn Hee.

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