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Family Drama
Language: Malay
Directed by: James Lee
Shooting format: MiniDV
Duration: 68 mins


7 years ago, small-time gangster Meor went missing. His wife Nina eventually re-married, to his best friend, Din. Din is a loving husband and doting father to their daughter, Mina, 5, and Rosli, 10, Nina's son with Meor. Despite this, he is having an affair with Liza, his feisty young secretary. To cover his tracks, Din pretends to drive graveyard shifts for his taxi driver friend, Azman. Din's cozy world goes topsy-turvy when Meor suddenly reappears, with knock-on effects for the others. They each have to struggle with the question of relationships and loyalties, amidst a backdrop of urban decay and powerlessness.


Namron, Mislina Mustaffa, Mohd. Hariry & Azman Hassan

Script by

Amri Rohayat

Director of Photography

Haris Hue

Music by

Arif Rafhan Othman


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