Drama | Love

Language: Mandarin

Directed by: James Lee

Black & White

Duration: 100 min

Camera: Panasonic DVX100



It has been a month Chang’s wife Ling Yue has been missing. With no reasons one fine day she went to work as usual and then never returns. No one knows where she went or what had happened to her. Chang could not figure out why she disappears out of the sudden. She left no message of whatever kind or clues.


One day a man named Tong shows up and claims to be Ling Yue’s lover. Apparently Tong is looking for Ling Yue too. In a turn of event both men formed an uneasy alliance in order to find Ling Yue. This is the first part of James Lee’s Love trilogy.

With the financial support:

Hubert Bal Funds (IFFR)

The Global Film Initiative


Pete Teo

Amy Len

Chye Chee Keong

Director of Photography

Teoh Gay Hian

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